What if there was a better way
to keep an eye on your business ?

New Features

  • Banking connexion (Ebics)
  • Cash outlook simulator
  • Holiday manager


Have an overview of your cash and financial positions

  • Manage your cash
  • Your bills receivable and payable
  • Manage your credit exposure
  • Control your financial performance


IODD provides you with some support tool to improve your internal processes

  • Task management
  • Travel expenses tool
  • Document manager
  • Absence/holiday management (new feature)
  • HR basic staff information


Manage easily all your company and employees rights

  • Add new employees
  • Manage all the rights
  • Assign companies or users to one employee
  • Connect yourself to other companies

Who are you ?


Your business at a glance !

  • Improve financial process & control
  • Allow visibility and transparency
  • Ability to work at a global level or group
  • Multi-location
  • Multi-currency


Improve the relationship and create value for your clients business !

  • Add value to your client's relationship
  • Improve service level to your clients
  • Allow client financial implication
  • Increase control process
  • Collaboration between service provider and client


Communicate with your clients?

  • What if you could connect yourself to your client's information ?
  • Include them in the process
  • Allow access to financial information
  • Web expense reporting made easy
  • Improve transparency

9 Reasons to use IODD

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  • All in one

    IODD offers you a unique single entry platform for your business. You will have all your tools at the same place.

  • Simple

    Its interface is simple and easy to use, no training required.

  • Secure

    Your data is important to us. We have implemented the latest protection technology to ensure privacy of your data.

  • Responsive

    Whatever device you are using, its structure will adapt for the best user experience.

  • Collaborative

    You wish to share information with business partners, staff or investors, no problem! Connect easily to other companies and manage all access.

  • Access everywhere

    One login to access all your business information.

  • User Friendly

    The interface has been designed by users to make your business life easier.

  • Multi currency

    Country is no longer a hindering factor for businesses. IODD adapts to any currency.

  • Modulability & rights control

    IODD has been created to offer the largest flexibility for each user. An extended right manager has been set up to control every single part.

They trust us, do you ?